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January 14, 2008
Marbury may miss two months


Stephon Marbury , who sat out Sundayís Knicks New York Knicks ' win over the Pistons win with a sore left ankle, said he expected a visit with Dr. Bill Hamilton today to reveal bone spurs.

If so, Marbury will have surgery similar to the ones Hamilton performed on him in the 2002 and 2003 offseasons, and one that would sideline him for two months.

ďI guess heís going to find some more bone spurs. Itís been bothering me for a while. A lot of guys have bone spurs in their knees and ankles; Itís just how much you can tolerate," said Marbury, who played through bone spurs the entire 2002-03 season rather than have surgery, but wonít do it now.

ď(If theyíre there) Iíll have to get them taken out," Marbury said. ďIf the doctor says I have bone spurs in my ankle and he says I need surgery, Iím going to get it taken care of. Iím not going to wait or hesitate."

Marbury took an on-and-off bereavement leave after his father's Dec. 2 death, playing three games over the next month. After complaining openly Friday about his role, the team captain didnít practice Saturday or play Sunday, sitting in the locker room during a rare Knicks win.

Though the guard said the injury had been bothering him for a while, Isiah Thomas said he didnít notice him limping or hobbling. Asked when he found out about the wear-and-tear injury, Thomas said, ďIt was (Saturday). That was the first time I was aware of it."