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    Default Washington Wizards vs New York Knicks Game Thread 1/14

    The Washington Wizards(20-16) vs The New York Knicks(10-26)
    Tuesday, January 14 at 7:30pm ET live on MSG

    Welcome to the MSGknickz33 pregame show. Im your host Jazzy Jeff and its time to break down Tuesday nights game at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks are coming off an impressive 24 point victory over the Detroit Pistons. The Knicks will be without their best player Stephon Marbury for at least the next 2 months. There is a chance he will never play for the Knicks again which is something Im sure alot of players on this team would like to be able to say. With that being said the Knicks will look to find another lucky performance against the Washington Wizards.

    The Wizards have played the Celtics twice in the past 3 days and now they will play the Knicks twice in 3 days. They beat the Hawks and somehow beat the Celtics twice. The Wizards should be able to improve to 22 and 16 against the Knicks but who knows, maybe Crawford or Randolph will have a good game.


    The Washington Wizards

    pg-Antonio Daniels
    sg-Deshawn Stevenson
    sf-Caron Butler
    pf-Antawn Jamison
    C-Brendan Haywood

    And Now Your New York Knicks!!!!!

    At Point Guard, Jamal Crawford
    At Shooting Guard, Fred Jones
    At Small Forward, Quentin Richardson
    At Power Forward, Zach Randolph
    At Center, Eddy Curry

    Key Matchup: Zach Randolph vs Antawn Jamison

    The Knicks are in need of alot of things but some offense from Zach Randolph would help. This team is poor defensively and offfensively. Its not easy to chose a key matchup with this group of players. With that bein said they will need some offense to keep them in the game and Z-Bo is capable of supplying that.

    Knicks Pregame Plan brought to you by MSG33

    • Defense!?!??? The Wizards are the 10th best team offensively so the Knicks need to play defense.
    • Box Out. Washington is the 8th best rebounding team.
    • Play Balkman!!! He can play defense!!!!! (Dont play Jeffries and Rose)
    • Play Lee!!! We need rebounds, layups, dunks and teamplay!!!!
    • Put Balkman on Caron Butler (37.8 3pt%, Wizards best 3pt shooter)

    Antawn Jamison has been on a rebounding machine the past 5 games. The Knicks will not have an answer for him.

    Last 5 games:


    Same goes for Caron Butler.

    Last 5 games:


    Maybe Antonio Daniels or Nich Young will go for 25 against the Knicks.

    Im Jazzy Jeff and that was my pregame show. Tune in Tuesday night to catch the Wizards and the Knicks live on MSG.
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