ok...firstly, who gives a **** if ur comming off a back to back night? ur a professional athelete...if ur in shape, that should not bother you...when tayshaun prince was asked about back to abck contests, he said that you should be fired up comming back after a loss....i play ball...an sometime i play every day for a week, and im far from a professional athelete....so stop making bull**** excuses for teams that we beat....when we play back to back and we lose, i dont hear you guys saying that oh, the opposing team lucked out bcuz we played back to back last night....so, i give an official **** dat....and those who hate on the black hole, (who now i am not too fond of) who didnt watch the game need to relax....zach played defense....he pulled the chair once, kept his hands up, was sweating like adog, and kept jamison under control in the first half....he and lee did an excellent job...defense is not luck.....also balkman and q. did an good job on caron...zach and nate took 2 nice charges...jefferies made 2 blocks on a nice defensve stance against his former team....give credit where credit is due....like kenny smith said, we played defense and moved the ball....zach did an excellent job passing out of the double team which opened crawford for 3 of his 6 3 pointes....freddy and nate played team ball....so for this win, i credit the knicks for an alll out effort win...their demenor has changed, and i see confidence building....i think we will give new jersey a run for their money