first ingenious isiah deal... 1. Milwaukee Bucks get Zach Randolph & Renaldo Balkman. Knicks get Bobby Simmons, Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Villenueva... DISGUSTING. If this is true which i doubt is because it said Harris denied this trade. But this would be HORRIBLE FOR US. 2. Miami Heat get Stephon Marbury. Knicks get Jason Williams and Ricky Davis and take on Smush. This makes a lot of sense and im sure Balkman would be included or someother player but we get too decent players... that expire next year! doesnt seem like an isiah trade... but it seems Riley would be the desperate one orchestrating it. GREAT TRADE. 3. Sacramento Kings who are looking to dump contracts. unless it involved bibby this deal would most likely have artest as the main piece and us taking on KThomas and Rahims horrible contracts. now if he was smart hed trade Randolph and Marbs and Balkman for Bibby, Artest, Thomas and another. wouldnt be GREAT buttttt its the best we could take in reality. im not lookin for trade ideas. justttt lets start with how bad that first trade is. talk amongst yourselves haha