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    Nyk Logo J.J. Dynamite to return

    Now this is big news. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Jermome James aka J.J. Dynamite/Burger King James has passed his fitness test and has been cleared to play. James is expected to play some serious D against Shaq tonight. It's on Now! LOL On a serious note, James could be a defensive asset. He rebounds and blocks shots, two things that Curry doesn't do. May be he can redeem him self but needless to say I don't have high hopes.

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    He was known for his rebounding and shot blocking but does he still have the speed to get position or is it just gonna be a quick foul out night for James. Curry may be horrible at these things but James is SOOO SLOOWWWWwww so i kinda see Curry with the advantage. I guess we'll find out with time.

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    he actully passed a fitness test????
    how much did he have to pay??
    Will we ever win a championship again? Id like to think so!

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