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December 30, 2007

“When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong”

“I’ve called this conference today to say the Knicks are moving up a tier in the NBA! I present to you Larry Brown, our new head coach!! We’ll now be fielding questions”

“Isiah, what do you plan to do about the mismatched talent on this team?”

“Why you gotta bring that up son? Larry is gonna to take this team to the next level. I guarantee it..”

“In fact I’ll do better than guarantee… I’ll keep it real! Conference over”

“Dude, this team sucks!!”

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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Isiah Edition II

January 4, 2008

“When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong”

“Damn it! Marbury can’t get a call out there… Screw it, I keep it real”

“Erika!!! Plan B!!!”

“Heyyyyyy Bobbbyyy!!! Come back to the locker room at half time… I got a special surprise for you”

“Oh boy”

“Erika? You in here baby?”

“Yeah Bobbyyyy, come closer”

“Oh hey Eddy! If you could just let me through here….”

“What? Why are you and Zach looking at me like that?”


“Me and the refs had a little chat before the second half about Marbury’s calls. That’s pretty much when things started turning around for us”


“Why you always gotta give me that look son”

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