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oh of course its isiah's fault but i dont think the knicks players want him back, they'll most likely say they would cuz thats just the right thing to say, one thing i noticed though, after crawford hit 3 in da closing minutes and then the nets called a Timout, i noticed crawford pointing to his heart and saying,"i got heart" multiple times
I believe him. Hes been the only vocal leader on this team. I still dont like his defense and his turnovers but hes been passing the ball and shooting much better.

My only knock on Marbury is that hes not a vocal leader. I think hes a leader on the court but not in the locker room. At the same time, who said the point guard has to be the leader? Theres alot of teams that have leaders at other positions besides pg:

Rockets-McGrady, Yao
Pistons-Take your pick
Magic-Dwight Howard
Kings-Ron Artest
Pacers-Jermaine Oneil

I dont think the knicks losing can be blamed on Marburys presence and the KNicks winning can be blamed on Marburys absence.