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yeah people really gotta get that imaginary picture outta their head that marbury is a selfish player. You proved it wit those stats. Why do the haters hate???
For many reasons:

  • hip hop image
  • Stephen A smith
  • Peter Vecsey
  • race
  • the $ hes gettin paid
  • interviews over the summer
  • because everyone else does
  • He left the team even though we dont know everything that happened
  • Had a bad year with Larry Brown (shouldnt count anything from that season

You know what reason I hate it when they use it? When they talk about teams gettin better after he leaves. If you look at it like an idiot then yes it appears that way. But if you looker deeper into things then you realize other reasons why they got better.

Twolves-KG bein 1 year older, thats what most young players do they get better from one year to the next

Nets-Kmart was a rookie when Marbury played and the the acquistion of Richard Jefferson

Suns-Amare Stoudamire was in his 2nd season when Marbury got traded.

It can just as easily be argued that had Marbury stayed on any of these teams they would have been better the following year.