If this is the case then why are none of the Knicks coming out and saying this? Why do the other players when on the court celebrate and acknowledge Marbury when he does team things or does something good out there? it doesnt add up. Did u see how the players reacted to Marbury when he drew a few fouls in the last against Chicago and then hit the winning 3 pointer? The players know he has been playing injured and i bet they respect him for that.
We always go on about the plane incident and i think we all admit he shouldnt have left his team, even if we dont know 100% the story. we all make mistakes, i dont think u can tell me 1 player in the league that has never done anything wrong in there careers, WE R ALL HUMAN.
Sure he is probably overpaid but why should he turn the cash down? he didnt ask for that sum, if the Knicks are stupid enough to offer a sum like that then its managements fault, not Marburys.
The thing i like about Marbury is he loves NY, he hasnt even said he wants to die a Knick. he plays for this organisation injured, he plays for a coach that doesnt like him and he does his business.
He is Loyal to the organisation, unlike fkheads that shop around trying to get traded or go free agent to another team to win a championship. No loyalty in basketball which annoys Australians.

thats my spill, i dont even love Marbury but i get tired off people kicking people when they r down or arent given a 2nd chance.