Guys, can we put the Marbury thing to bed?

It is pretty clear his only affiliation to this team is by contract. Seeing as Thomas doesn't want him around, the players aren't saying they miss him, and with him getting booed at MSG when they showed his face on the titantron during the Win vs Wizards....He's not a Knick anymore, so I think its time to move on. It's in the past now.

Say what you want about him, but the bottom line is that the Knicks didn't do anything while he was here, and thats all that counts. The bad off court problems that occurred while he was here will probably be remembered even more. If the Knicks were winning, they wouldn't be the case, but we can't rewrite history.

We sucked while he was the focal point. And we still suck with him away.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this argument is a stalemate.

Crawford is the new face of the franchise, so its his turn to start being the player that gets all the heat. As for Marbs, he's just an expiring contract for the Knicks to find a buyer for.