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My only knock on Marbury is that hes not a vocal leader. I think hes a leader on the court but not in the locker room. At the same time, who said the point guard has to be the leader? Theres alot of teams that have leaders at other positions besides pg:

Rockets-McGrady, Yao
Pistons-Take your pick
Magic-Dwight Howard
Kings-Ron Artest
Pacers-Jermaine Oneil
It is not necessary for a pg to be a leader but when he's your best player, not to mention only established veteran, he better well be. His shortcomings as a leader to me is the biggest, most accurate knock on Marbury.

One thing you do not do with a guy who is not a leader is, make him the franchise. From the moment he got here this has been Stephon Marbury's team and whatever you want to say about him as a player is fine, but one thing that can not be denied is that he is not a leader. However, I don't really blame Stephon for this. If a good actor is cast in a bad role do you necessarily blame the actor or do you you blame, the agent, director etc etc for casting him in it?

Stephon Marbury was never cut out to play the role of a franchise player and this is what he was asked to do here in New York. I blame Isiah Thomas for this because he's the one that brought Steph here, gave him the keys and said this is your house. What Thomas should've done is said here Steph you could have a wing in the house but it's not fully yours. Soon I'll be drafting, signing or trading for someone who's house it will be. Instead dickhead Isiah gave Steph the house, then took it back from him to give to Eddy 'I-Hop' Curry and the rest is history

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For many reasons:
  • hip hop image
  • Stephen A smith
  • Peter Vecsey
  • race
  • the $ hes gettin paid
  • interviews over the summer
  • because everyone else does
  • He left the team even though we dont know everything that happened
  • Had a bad year with Larry Brown (shouldnt count anything from that season
You left out the number one reason people hate on Steph, that along with Isiah Thomas, he is the face of the worst era in New York Knick history. Every casual basketball fan knows who Marbury is so if the Knicks are going to be among the worst teams in basketball he is the guy that will be blamed. Casual fans don't know that Steph's a very very good player but not great. They see his face all the time so they think he's supposed to be like the Ewing's of the world but he's not like that because he's not on the same level as a player. In many ways I feel sorry for Marbury. I can't waite until a book comes out with all the locker room stories of what really went on during his time year.

If we were gonna be bad, I'm glad that with Marbury we were at least interesting as opposed to some other bad teams who are boring as all hell. Does anybody remember any of the guys that were on those horrible Bulls teams after Jordan left? I never thought you could die watching basketball until I watched those teams.

The twolves example isn't really fair but the Nets were a 50+ loss team while Marbury was there then Kidd comes in and boom Nets win 50+ and go to the finals. I know other **** went down but guys ya gotta admit, it doesn't look good. The Suns one is interesting because sometimes I think people forget that the Suns were a playoff team with Marbury but Marion and Stoudamire hated Steph so I dunno. I think the thing with Phoenix is that how good Steve Nash is has made Marbury look that much worse.

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KnicksDlee42, we did a good job of holdin it down without Metro here. Props to Pricey and ABCD. Team Starbury gets the win by providing more stats. We won but if Metro was here it wouldve been a Kimbo slice. Instead, its just a knockout.
Dude you gotta stop with the stats, pro sports and life in general is about a lot more then numbers. Also the kimbo slice I guess is something ya'll do on here but it's kind of ghey. It sounds like something you'd do to a grapefruit, sorry.

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You make a good point,Eddy Curry House Special,but the Knicks have a lot of winning to do before they can say the are better without Mabury.
No doubt, theyd have a lot of winning to do even if they'd asked Jesus, and even he said the Knicks are better without Marbury

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Crawford to start getting the heat? that started a long time ago hahahaha.
Hopefully he can continue playing like the last few games.
I heard that the Cavs are interested in him?
Yeah I read that they offered a package centered around Larry Hughes .