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I don't think anybody here has said Steph is a bad person. I think the "Starbury" shoes are a great idea. In fact I called a friend the other day and she said she was at Berry's picking up some shoes and I immediatly replied "you best cop some Starbury's." And I understand that loss is tough to deal with. But this is a basketball forum not a community service discussion so most of what we talk about happens on the court. In the Bulls pre-game, Kendall Gill who played with Steph said he liked Steph off the court but didn't like playing with him. That seems to be the consensus. I don't care how much money he makes, but much is asked of those that are given much. Most of us have been Knicks fans long before Steph showed up and will still be there long after he leaves. The fact is teams improve after Steph is gone for whatever reason.
Theres alot of on court discussion as well and if you read this thread from the beginning theres alot of knowledge thats been dropped.

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I have seen Marbury have many great games though out his career, he is a talented player. When Brown came to the Knicks I thought that he might be able to find the role that would maximize Marbury's talents; like he did with AI, Billups and Snow as well (switching him from a 2 to a 1). But, we all know that Marbury (and allot of the other players as well) didn't like Brown's stern approach. You remember the story about AI calling Steph and telling him that he is going to like working with Brown? Wow, was he off!! You know, Marbury is the type of guy that wants to play his game and if you try to get him to play a system that he doesn't like, he doesn't respond well and gives up. You remember when Phil Jackson was being rumored to be interested in the NY job? He was interviewed and said that he wasn't sure if Marbury could handle the triangle offense. I think coaches are scared of him because he is a Star in the NBA and he can, and probably will, take any coaches game plan that doesn't make him the focus on offense and tank it! If you are willing to run everything through him, then you will see a happy Marbury. That means there will be games were he is untouchable one on one and then there will be games where the offense will be completely stagnant. Someone mentioned Atlanta.... That is the perfect place for him! He can go there and be a star for a team and a city that will be happy to just make the playoffs.
I would love to see him go to Atlanta, thats where im hopin he ends up.

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I give credit to Marbs to when he is deserved of it. I am a Catholic. I know the peace giving around. I like peace being brought to everyone.. I don't want to start an arguement.
Shaq makes clothes and shoe products as well, Ben Wallace does too.

So MSG. I still think you are good poster, but you gotta respect another persons thoughts about the Marbury situation.

Marburys career is on the line. His surgery might end his time as a Knick.

Marbury can play there is no question about it. But I will say this again he DOES NOT have the pieces to have a Center, and a consistent SG. Which I blame Isiaherrr for But he did have a lot of chances and didn't take advantage. Marbury just might have bad luck he should change his number to 13.

You probably would never believe I was once a Marbury fan....
Your right man he does have bad luck and I also believe in peace. I knew this thread was going to be problems for me from the beginning. Outside of this thread, Ill put everything aside. Tonight we got a game that Im lookin forward to and I hope Marbury talk doesnt come up. I know your not the one who brings him up. Last nite it was getrealistic. Hopefully he wont be around tonight all I wanna do is enjoy the game.