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I just can't let you get away with that one metro. The last good season we had was led By Van Gundy, Camby, Spre etc etc. Finishing 39-43 in an atrocious eastern conference, that was good enough to get a 7th seed to only get humiliated by the Nets in a 1st round sweep is not a successful season. I hope your standards with women are higher then your standards for the Knicks.
You didn't watch the Knicks in 03-04, don't speak to me. I said the LAST good Knicks season you pendejo, meaning most recent. We went 23-19 with Marbury and had a solid defense, and lost to an elite Nets team in the first round, still it was a huge turn around and we had something going until Isiah decided to go on a trade madness. You're hating on the Knicks now for making the playoffs. Making the playoffs isn't even successful compared to where we're at right now? You disgust me really, anytime Knicks make the playoffs, I feel really good because I'm a fan knowing they're getting experience and can build off that next season. At this point with all the mess Isiah created, making the playoffs is hopeless; we have a roster set up with losing players that can never lead this team the playoffs, not even once.

Marbury lead this team all 5 seasons as a Knick? You're really an idiot.

Marbury only had control of this team for like 2 seasons, once Crawford came here and then Curry, they were proclaimed as the cornerstone players and were given more touches. Marbury agreed to decrease his shot attempts so two lesser players in Curry and Crawful would get more touches, which resulted in more losing. How is that leading a team to losing? Marbury just agreed to play within Isiah's losing method.

lol...don't even come here and lie about your game with bitches, I'm not even here to argue silly childish **** like that, you do your thing I do my mines...why goods with your assumptions lately? You forgot to spit facts?

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The more I read this thread, the more obvious the problem becomes.

The one thing we can all agree on is that a lot of people don't like Marbury. Unfortunately that includes some of his former and current teammates. It really doesn't matter why people dislike him or whether it is all justified or not. It's a simple and obvious fact.

Personally, I don't think it's possible for a team to function well when some of the players don't like one of the other key players on the team. That goes double when that player is the PG and is supposed to be one of the leaders on the team.

It really doesn't matter how talented Marbury is.

It really doesn't matter if he's the best player on the team.

It really doesn't matter what he would be able to do with better players around him.

It really doesn't matter what his individual stats look like.

It really doesn't matter how bad the coach is.

It doesn't matter how much he gives to kids privately.

It doesn't matter why people don't like him.

For Marbury to succeed in any way, shape, or form he's going to have to either change his personality or find a team that likes him the way he is. I don't think that place is NY.
It doesn't matter what you post.