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First of all I would like to recommend reading the link posted by Metro to all Marbury haters. Trin_Star is the man, He is Kimbo and stay the F*ck outta his way.

Jimchief, stfu. How you gonna bring up us winning 4 out of the last 5?

  • Wizards beat Celtics Twice
  • Pistons played 4th game in 5 days, after an OT win against Bobcats
  • Miami ****in Sucks and we should have killed them!!!!

You cant F*ckin read, I posted up stats that showed that we were playing better before Marbury got hurt. Read everything in this post before opening your F*ckin mouth next time. Dont waste my F*ckin time with bull**** replies like this.
See I don't need Kimbo to knock you out. Whenever I bring up a valid point, you get mad and start callin' names. Very adult. This team is not the New York "Starburies" its the New York Knicks and to quote Herm "you play to win the game." So like we used to say back in the day "scoreboard." 4 out of 5 with no Steph soap opera and that's all that matters. I suggest you find other ways to express yourself other than dumb videos and petty insults. Sticks and stones!!!!