The New York Knicks(12-27) vs the Miami Heat(8-31)
Saturday, 1/18 at 7:30pm ET live on MSG

Welcome to the MSGknickz33 pregame show. Im your host Jazzy Jeff and we'll see if a fresh prince (Wade) can lead his team past Uncle Phil and his squad (Zach Randolph and the Knicks).

Starting Lineups

Miami Heat

pg-Jason Williams
sg-Dwayne Wade
sf-Ricky Davis
pf-Udonis Haslem

And Now Your New York Knicks!!!!

At Point Guard, Jamal Crawford
At Shooting Guard, Fred Jones
At Small Forward, Quentin Richardson
At Power Forward, Zach Randolph
At Center, Eddy Curry

What do the Knicks need to do to win?

  • Play more defense then they did against Washington
  • Only worry about Wade, the rest of the team sucks
  • Shaq is old
  • Miami Sucks

Although the Knicks looked tired against the Wizards last nite, they are playing Miami who is a complete joke. I think they are the worst team in the NBA even thought they dont have the worst record. Pat Riley deserves this after firing Stan Van Gundy and going on to win a championship.

The Heat and the Knicks are both proof that it is a bad idea to have the same gm and coach. Any team that does this in the future is even dumber then the Knicks and the Heat.

Shaq mite miss the game, hes injured every other day.

Wade is overrated.

Who are the good 3 point shooters on Miami?

  1. Chris Quinn-44.9%
  2. Ricky Davis-36.7%
  3. Jason Williams-35.3%

What do you get when you combine Shaq, Jerome James, Zach Randolph, and Eddy Curry?

Im not sure, uhh the worlds largest pile of ****?

Trinidad vs Jones is tomorrow night. That should be a good boxing match, any predictions?

The Knicks play the Celtics on Monday afternoon at 1pm. I hate the Celtics and I hope we win but its gonna be a tough game. Maybe with Jerome James back now, who knows anything can happen.

Im MSGknickz33 and thanks for joining me for my pregame show. Catch the Knicks and the Heat Saturday night on MSG. It will be a buffet.