Ok with the season being as bad as it has been so far we need to to take as many positive things from it as we can. With that said, does Jamal Crawford deserve NBA player of the week? He fueled the wins over Washington, Det, and was clutch to say the least against NJ. So does that warrant a NBA player of the week nod. I say yes, although I can't say that I've been tracking anyone elses production to compare his numbers to. But he has been the best player on a team that won all but one game during this NBA week. Like I said, a small recongnition, nothing to give a contract extension over, but he deserves his due.

See I like Jamal, but it just scares the hell out of me to have him as our "go to player". He just may be more of a streak shooter than John Starks, but Starks wasn't our go to player, so we could live with it. But Jamal has been breaking down the defense and finding big men for dunks, so atleast we aren't totally relying on his shot.