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    Default Boston Celtics vs New York Knicks Game Thread 1/21

    *You can pick more then 1 option on the poll

    The Boston Celtics(32-6) vs the New York Knicks(13-27)
    Monday, 1/21 at 1:00pm ET live on MSG

    Welcome to the MSGknickz33 pregame show, Im your host Jazzy Jeff and the Knicks will be looking to get revenge. It was November 29th in Boston when the Knicks lost to the Celtics 104 to 59. The Knicks will have there work cut out for them tomorrow. The objective of this game thread is to make the Celtics look bad. With a record of 32 and 6 its gonna be tough but Im gonna dig deep to see what I can find.

    Starting Lineups

    Rajon Rondo (listed as day to day) (ugly)

    The Boston Celtics

    Rondo/eddie House
    Gay Allen
    Paul Tears
    Gay G (The Big stick-it)
    Kendrick Jerkins

    And Now Your New York Knicks!!!!!

    At Point Guard, Jamal Crawford
    At Shooting Guard, Fred Jones
    At Small Forward, Quentin Richardson
    At Power Forward, Zach Randolph
    At Center, Eddy Curry

    Above is a picture of James Posey. He hugs every starter in the Celtics lineup before every game, for a couple of seconds. Is he gay?

    The Celtics are tied with Indiana and Denver for most technical fouls. Why is it necessary for a team thats 32-6 to B*tch about calls? Because thats what they are, a bunch of B*tches.

    If you got problems with someone settle it like a man.

    The Celtics are the 9th worse rebounding team

    How many players are uglier then this guy?

    Lets look at Rondos numbers for the last 5 games:


    Damn, he sucks. Can he hit 3's and shoot freethrows?

    33.3 3P%(2-6)

    This guys sucks, hes a starter? I dont see this Celtic team going to far with a point guard that sucks like Rondo.

    Lebron James destroys Celtics by himself

    Dwayne Wade dunks on Garnett

    Classic Rick Pitino Interview

    I think thats enough Celtic hatred for one game thread. Lets talk about the Knicks now.

    *For an unknown reason, Q-Rich is listed as day-to-day.

    Whos Hot and Whos Not?(Stats are from last 5 games)

    Whos Hot

    Jamal Crawford-40.4mpg,24ppg(48.8fg%, 50%3P)5.4,apg,2.6topg
    Zach Randolph-34.6mpg,19ppg(48.7fg%),10.2rpg,2topg

    Whos Not

    Eddy Curry-26.4mpg,11.4ppg,4.4rpg(FAT)
    Nate Robinson-28.6mpg,13.8ppg(40.3fg%,32%3P),5.8apg

    Nates shooting percentages are down but at least hes still been a factor unlike Curry. He came up big against Miami last night to help the Knicks win their 4th game in 5 days.


    Shaq outplayed Curry but the Knicks were lucky to come away with the win. The Celtics will get owned in the playoffs.

    Lets Hope the Celtics lose or someone gets suspended. I just want something bad to happen to them. Thanks for joining me for my pregame show/criticism of the Celtics. They wont win a championship and catch the Knicks On MSG tomorrow at 1:00 ET pm.
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