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    Nyk Logo Possible trade: Ben Wallace to the Lakers

    According to the Chicago Tribune Ben Wallace could be traded very soon.
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    This article has Big Ben traded to the Lakers for Kwame Brown and Vladimir Radmanovic. Do the Knicks have a shot at Wallace? Curry and Rose would work.

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    I don't know.I think the Bulls will turn down both those deals. Wallace is still a better rebounder and defender than Curry and Brown, even though he can't post up.The only way I see the Bulls doing a trade with either of those teams is if they get a draft pick. Isiah doesn't seem like he's willing to give his draft pick up,after seeing what happened with the Curry deal, so I think it's up to the Lakers to give up theirs.

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    i really doubt the bulls would go for that deal
    Damn player-centric usernames straight to hell.

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