The Philadelphia 76ers(16-27) vs The New York Knicks(13-28)
Friday, Jan. 25, 7:30pm ET Live on MSG

Welcome to the MSGKnickz33 Pregame show. Im your host Jazzy Jeff and the Knicks will be playing their first game since Monday. We'll see what kind of an impact the 4 day rest will have. The 76ers have been struggling winning only 2 out of their last 10 games. The Knicks have won 4 out of their last 6 and they should be able to get this win against the 76ers. The Knicks were owned by Philadelphia in 2 back-to-back games earlier in the season. If you look at the players on both teams the Knicks should be at least 5 games ahead of the 76ers but obviously thats not the case.


The Philadelphia 76ers

pg-Andre Miller
sg-Willie Green
sf-Andre Iguodala
pf-Reggie Evans
C-Samuel Dalembert

And Now Your New York Knicks!!!!

At Point Guard, Jamal Crawford
At Shooting Guard, Fred Jones
At Small Forward, Quentin Richardson
At Power Forward, Zach Randolph
At Center, Eddy Curry

The Official MSG33 Pregame Strategy

  • Rebound!!!! Knicks only average 34 rebounds against the 76ers
  • Score!!!! Play As a Team!!!! Knicks only average 83.5pts vs sixers, 76ers are the 10th best team defensively
  • Defense!!!! 76ers are the 3rd worst team offensively, dont let them become the Best team
  • Dont Sleep!!!! Keep an eye on willie Green--On Dec. 7 he came off the bench to score 15pts and dish out 6 assists

Who are the Best 3point shooters on the 76ers?

  1. Louis Williams-36.6%
  2. Willie Green-35.2%
  3. Andre Iguodala-31.6%

*Philadelphia traded Kyle Korver to Utah for Gordon Giricek

The 76ers are the worst team in the league from 3 point range only shooting 32%. Although the Knicks have some of the worse perimeter defense the stats suprisingly dont back this up. Going by the statistics the Knicks perimeter defense can be described as average. Their oppenents 3P% is 36.3% which ranks 17th amongst all NBA teams.

Heres a list of teams who suprisingly have worse perimeter defense then the Knicks in order from best to worst:

Golden State
New Jersey

A suprising list here, I would expect the Knicks to be at the bottom. With the exception of Fred Jones the Knicks starters are all poor perimeter defenders. Q-Rich has been a step slow all year, Crawford has always been a poor defender and same goes for Zach Randolph. And remember, alot of teams have power forwards who can knock down 3's.

MSG33 Presents Tonights Key Matchup: Reggie Evans vs Zach Randolph

Lets take a look at what Reggie Evans did against the Knicks in the back to back games played in December:

Dec. 7= 33 minutes, 12points, 11rebounds
Dec. 8= 24 minutes, 6points, 14rebounds

Now lets take a look at Zach Randolphs numbers against Philadelphia:

Dec. 7= 27minutes, 4points(2-11), 5rebounds
Dec. 8= 14minutes, 2points(1-3), 2rebounds

Zach had his 2 worst games against the sixers. He will need to step up on offense Friday night to give the Knicks a chance to win. Hes a tough player to stop when hes knockin down his isolated double or triple teamed jumpshots and when his post game is on. Lets take a look now at his numbers from the past 5 games:


Somehow Zach came away with 4 steals against the Celtics to go along with his 24 points and 15 rebounds.

Lets take a Look at the Playoff Watch in the Eastern Conference:

  1. Celtics(33-7)
  2. Pistons(30-13)-4.5GB
  3. Magic(27-17)-8GB
  4. Cavs(23-18)-10.5GB
  5. Wizards(22-18)11GB
  6. Raptors(23-19)11GB
  7. Hawks(17-21)15GB
  8. Pacers(19-24)15.5GB
  9. Nets(18-23)15.5GB
  10. Bulls(17-24)16.5GB
  11. Bobcats(16-26)18GB
  12. Bucks(16-26)18GB
  13. 76ers(16-27)18.5GB
  14. Knicks(13-28)20.5GB
  15. Heat(8-32)25GB

The Knicks are only 5 games out of the playoffs. The Eastern Conference was suppose improve this year but as we see theres still only 6 teams with winning records.

OtHer NeWs

The Celtics lost to the Raptors 114 to 112. Boston took a 7 point lead into the 4th quarter but were unable to stop the Raptors.

Jose Calderon>>>Rajon Rondo


I thank everyone for tuning into my pregame show and hopefully we have a good entertaining game Friday night at the Garden. Stay tuned Saturday evening for my Knicks vs Warriors pregame show.