Ok, the season is half way done, and needless to say it's been disappointing thus far. But as of late we have been playing decent ball. I mean four wins in six games is not too shaby. But the playoffs still look like a long shot for us, and each win just lessens our chances of getting a top pick in the lottery, do we want to see this team lose?

I'm a die hard Knick fan and I want us to go 82-0 every season, so the idea of us tanking games makes me sick, but we actually own our pick this year, so losses aren't as hard to swallow as in the past couple of years when we our losing amounted to a nice pick for Chicago. Not to mention, the whole bottom half of the playoffs for the East are not true playoff teams, they are just benefiting from a weak conference, I mean NJ has lost seven straight and are only a game or so out. So how much of an accomplishment would it be if we did make it being seven or eight games below .500? Plus if Isiah gets the Knicks into the playoffs he's back for another season for sure! I don't hate Isiah but I think a change is needed. But lets say we get the third or fourth pick, which ofcourse means we didn't make the playoffs, does Isiah get to draft, or is he fired at seasons end?

So lets run down the potential outcomes of this season

We play well miss the playoffs slightly and get around the 9th or 10th pick in the lottery

We keep pace win only 24 games and land anywhere from 1st to 6th

We make the playoffs, lose to the C's in five (maybe), Isiah gets another season at GM and coach, as well as another summer to add to our salary, and we get an early first rounder.

Seriously there are not any great options for the immediate future for us! But 24 wins may liberate us from Isiah reighn, land a top pick, which could bring in a star talent, or could be package along with a bad contract to free up some cap ie. Zach.

To continue to play ball like we are playing currently ( 4 of 6) would give Dolan reason not to fire Isiah.

Playoffs means for sure Isiah will be back.

Side Note: I don't really hate Isiah, I really think he tried to make the Knicks better, but there is just too much turmoil with this team right now, and unfourtunatley as GM he has to be the first to blame. I think he'll probably never be a GM in this league again, but I can see Joe Dumars making him a scout, or even Magic pulling strings to get him as a scout for the Lakers, anyways that for another thread.