Wades coming off a serious knee and shoulder injury. He for all accounts shouldn't even be playing. The guy one a championship, and before Shaq arrived he led a young Heat squad to the playoffs and a first round victory.

You cant judge Wade on how hes playing right now, although he's a warrior and is playing hurt unlike another player i know. When he's healthy he's a top 10 player. Not even a question about.

MSG please tell me your joking. Marbury > Baron Davis? Come on man, theres being a fan of a player and then theres being stupid. Your Mr. Stat right.

This season

PPG 13.9
RPG 2.5
APG 4.7
SPG 0.9
BPG 0.1
FG% 0.419
FT% 0.716
3P% 0.378
MPG 33.5

PPG 22.3
RPG 4.8
APG 8.1
SPG 2.5
BPG 0.6
FG% 0.426
FT% 0.740
3P% 0.348
MPG 39.3

Oh yeah Baron has won in the playoffs. With both Golden State and Charlotte, and lets face it those Charlotte teams had very little talent.