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    Default Knicks Grades Mid-Season

    This has been a popular thing around the Knick forums last year so I figured to make one for the 07-08 mid season Knick Grades.

    Jamal Crawford B+
    He has come to be an important part for the Knicks down the stretch of games. He is averaging a Career high in PPG, and career high 42% from the field. Career high in FT%, and is getting a steal a game. Getting the team involved as well. Has not missed a game this season.

    David Lee B
    Has had games were he is playing such good basketball, but some games he isn't, but the heart, and vocal leadership is still there. One of the best players to come off the bench in the NBA. I am not kidding.

    Malik Rose F- FAILED

    His leadership might be there, he has a basketball mentiality but isn't a physical players. Whenever he is on the court it seems the Knicks are just gettin blown out.

    Quentin Richardson D-

    Q is averaging career lows in field goal percentage,PPG, and 3 point percentage. I believe there is a good reason for his woes, but hes gotta come through and start hittin those shots. He is a huge disappointment. The reason I didn't fail him is because he is pretty active on the boards most of the time that is.

    Nate Robinson B

    Nate has come through. He was WORK ETHIC, he has what it takes to be a force in the league. He is averaging 23 minutes per game in 39 games he has played. I said this before, he has tons of potential, and he will be a player to rely on in the future for the Knicks.

    Jared Jeffries D

    Jeffries presents SOMETIMES on the defensive end help us out a lot, but other then that he isn't much of a threat. As a "Defense Men" he doesn't even get a block or steal a game. but at times his presents are there.

    Randolph Morris C

    Average, I can't base anything about this player, not enough playin time.

    Jerome James F Failed

    Tha King only played 2 games 5 minutes on the court. He is a choke anyway last season, season before that. I base him as an F just for gettin paid so much money for nothing.. and his prior play.

    Mardy Collins C-

    Mardy isn't getting the playing time he deserves. To bad Isiaherr doesn't see that. Come on Play Mardy Collins!!

    Wilson Chandler C..

    I can't judge him out either he is a player that the Knicks really dont need, but I see some trade value if all goes well in the future.

    Renaldo Balkman C+

    Balk this season is a player that changes the game. Good example the Denver game in the beginning of the season, Knicks down by 10 in the 3rd Balkman comes in and brings energy on the court. He hasn't got the playing time that he deserves from his rookie year preformance.

    Fred Jones C

    Freddy is a good help out player, he is a good player on the defensive end. Many games I witnessed that he has played well on defense (example the Bucks game) causing turnovers, and playing well.Fred should improve later on this season. [/COLOR]

    Stephon Marbury D-

    I just can't believe it. He is averaging a career low in PPG. Only played 24 out of the 42 games this season. He is a player on the wrong teams, at the wrong times. He is one of the unluckiest players in NBA history for sure. Marbury probably out for the rest of the season. Marbs has a ETO on his contract this year. I believe the game in Toronto was his last time on the floor for the knicks.

    Eddy Curry C-

    No Defense, no more good offensive plays. Despite his good %age from the field it doesn't really effect the turnaround of the game. The Zach and Eddy combo has not worked out for us this season. Eddy has been the biggest disappointment in my option this year. Turnover prone, and this is as good as Curry will get he just has NO work Ethic.

    Zach Randolph B

    Good player averaging a double double, but not getting the same amount of point like in Portland. He is a blackhole that effects the Knicks, but at a numbers stand point he has been good this season.

    Isiah and Dolan receive a F.
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