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    Crawford = B-

    Showing somes signs of leadership and better shot selection.

    Curry = D

    Didn't get into better shape and what ever happened to the story that he was working on a little jumper.

    Q Rich = F-

    Do we really even need to discuss this

    David Lee = C

    What ever happened to the mid range jumper he was supposed to be working on? He's a good player, but we needed improvment from a young player like him.

    Marbury = D

    I don't care how many of you people love him and how unfortunate recent circumstances in his life have been. He wasn't playing very good ball and was a disruptive force in the locker room and off the court.

    Randolph = C+

    I was hoping for a little more defense and better shot selection, but I think he's playing Zach ball

    Robinson = B

    Has matured some, is learning to pass and make his teammates better, and is even getting a tad better at shot selection. The only bright spot on the team .

    Rest of the Team - Ds and Fs

    None of the young players has show any development at all over last year or as the season has progressed. That's not saying that guys like Balkman don't contribute positively, but built into this year's HIGH expectations was that several of the young players were going to show up with better offensive or other skills and at least one would develop into a solid starter. That simply hasn't happened.
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