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Hey i thought u would have had Paul Pierce in that list of players MSG? lol.
Players on the best team are usually overrated. Tony Parker is the #1 example of this. I said Pierce was underrated in the past but now I think hes overrated. Same thing with Ray Allen. I noticed hes a chucker, not nearly as bad as Crawford but when hes missin shots he'll keep throwin them up. I seen him have 4-18 nights more then once or twice but at the same time I still gotta give him his credit, hes a great shooter.

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Kobe is the best, but he's pretty overrated at this point.

The most amazing talents in the NBA are Paul, Lebron, and Howard...jesus ****ing christ; what a future these guys have. Imagine them all on the same team together. They are the USA's future and future MVP's in this league. Their work ethic is AMAZING, and totally understand what it takes to win and how to produce individually at the same time.

Paul is the best PG in the NBA, its not even debatable.

Lebron is the best perimeter player in the NBA, where as Dwight is the best player in the paint.

When Isiah came here, I was hoping for him to blow it the **** up and tank for guys like Dwight and Paul. Damn him.
I said the same thing to my pops 2nite about Chris Paul. He is the #1 pg in the NBA and anyone who tries to argue this is wasting there time. What pg has the offense, defense, passing, and leadership of Chris Paul? Can Kidd and Nash play defense? Can Kidd score? The closest point guard to Paul would be Marbury and then Telfair.