I wanna start by sayin that anyone who thinks im serious with the Telfair stuff is a F*ckin idiot and go hang yourself.

With that bein said, Crawford Sucks.

Crawford might be the most overrated Knick in history. Anyone who gave him a C- or higher in the Knicks Grades Thread I have one question, why?

Season Stats

33.7 3P%

Career Stats

34.2 3P%

People on his d*ck like they came out of it. Why does everyone think Crawford is a "B". When you take over 16 and a half shots per game (16.67 to be exact) you should be averagin more then 19.8ppg.

5.8 of these shots are 3 Point attempts. He shoots 4.5 free throws per game.
Im gonna make this easier for everyone to see:

10.9 2pt attempts
5.8 3pt attempts
4.5 free throw attempts

Anyone see whats wrong? Someone recently credited Larry Brown for correcting Crawfords problem of shootin more 3's then free throws. Please void that post.

Lets take a look at another player averaging around 20 points per game. How about Corey Maggette? Not one of my favorite players but we might see somethin interestin here. Crawford sexuals can learn sumthin.

Corey Maggette 2007-08 Stats


You see that?

Crawford-16.67shots per game/19.8ppg
Maggette-13.7shots per game/20.9ppg

Maggettes takin 3 less shots but scorin 1 more point.

Crawford is not only a poor shooter but he shoots too much. He defines the word chucker. Anyone catchin feelings about my facts on Crawford needs to explain why he deserves a "B" to me. I want to know why.

Although stats dont always tell the whole story, they are conclusive enough here. Crawford is arguably the most overrated player in Knicks history. He deserves some heat takin off of him because of the other players on this team but I only talked about his offense. We aint even talkin about his defense or lack of.