You're saying speak nothing but the truth,MSG 33.Crawford doesn't suck, but he definitely is overrated,and he makes a terrible leader.A guy that plays well offensively 1 out of every 5 games and has no D should not lead your team.I have no idea why Isiah Thomas made him the Captain.The captain of your team has to be able to provide leadership, and Crawford's soft play on defense and lack of consistency isn't leadership.I still think we should keep Jamal, cause he's a good shooter, but he definitely needs to work on his D, get his minutes dropped from 41 to 30,and he needs to stop getting all the last second shots.There are other guys on the Knicks that can score down the stretch.Ex:Nate Robinson,Zach Randolph,and Stephon Marbury(when he's healthy).The only reason I gave him a B is cause he's our lead scorer.If Zach was our lead scorer, I would've given Crawford a C,cause as talented as he is, he's one dimensional.If Isiah was smart, he would've made Marbury captain and David Lee the co-captain.