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First off MSG we all know you were dead serious about your Telfair comments. Everbody ripped your stupidity so now your trying to back pedal out of comment. Atleast your boy Metro admits to saying QRich is his favorite player.

Your seriously nothing but a clown. Nobody wants to hear your Stats. **** Glen Rice put up stats, is he anything special? Nobody cares about your opinion on Crawford, because you dont lisen to anybody elses opinion. If you actually read peoples post there isn't a CRAWFORD LOVER out there. We all just share the belief that he's a mediocre played whose been the best player on the team this season. Sure it doesn't mean much cause as a whole the knicks are crappy, but your a stat guy. Look at the stats whose are best player.

Now to all your personal attacks on people. Its such waste of time a space. So NYKnicks126 doesn't agree with your blind love of bum Marbury, oh well. Get over it, he's entitled to is own opinion. So leave the stupid thread **** talking alone, its such a waste of time.

And lastly stop down talking people by saying Kid. Are you even 21 yet? Get a life and stop starting needless problems for no reason. Keep your stupid fights and stupid videos off the threads.
"You acting like a little bitch right now. You acting real paranoid and ****."