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Thanks for the cool theme music!!! How did you know???? That song used to get the party started back in the day when you your boy(no homo) msg33 were probably still hangin' from your mama's------. Seriously though you can't call yourself a Knicks fan and hate on Jamal. On a good team he is probably first man in off the bench for instant offense. As it is he is trying to carry a mediocre team on his thin shoulders. The guy deserves props for that. I love getting you kids going. MSG--Your game threads are great so you are obviously a passionate fan, but try enjoying the games and take small victories from them while watching a bad team. Jamal is a bright spot on an otherwise blighted team.
I see what your sayin about takin small victories but the problem is your givin Crawford too much credit. Isiah is the dumbass that choses to run the offense through Crawford. Most players who take 17 shots a game average more then 20 points. Nate Robinson would be a better first option then Crawford. I think with Marbury injured Nate is the best player on this team. Crawford is Isiahs son, of course Isiahs gonna give crawford big minutes and unlimited shot oppertunities.

Crawford suprisingly has played 19 out of 24 first half minutes. He is 0 for 4 and that suprises me that he hasnt taken more shots. We all know thats what he likes to do. Fact is just because he averages the most points doesnt make him the best player. I get annoyed watching him and your completely forgetting about the fact that he plays no defense at all. To me small victories are when Nate, Lee, and Balkman play good. They are the 3 best players on this team (excluding Marbury). In no way is Jamal the best player on this team. HOw can I get this across to you, do I have to copy and past everything from the 1st page of this thread? I thought Crawford was a better player when he use to come off the bench. He is inconsistent just like the kNicks as a team which is why he shouldnt be playing 42 minutes per game. He would make a good 2nd option off the bench but as a 1st option you want a player who can guarentee you contribution, like David Lee. Crawford is too unpredictable. There are no guarentees with him and it would be foolish to bet on what he will do statistically from one night to the next.

To call Crawford a "bright spot" on a otherwise blighted team is a crime. Nate, Lee, and Balkman are bright spots. Crawford is a chucker. You also mentioned him being "instant offense" off the bench. Again, he is unpredictable. there are no guarentees with him.