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It doesn;t even bother me though. Keep those stats coming champ and i'll tell you why they don't mean anything on their own.

You never did.

Allan Houston is the greatest shooter in Knicks history, that itself makes him a Knicks legend.

So stats that are against your arguement mean nothing? How many times you and the other pendejos repeat this? You're really not too bright and make yourself look stupid without my trying. If anything its yourself insulting yourself, not me insulting you. I don't know how you could wake up in the morning knowing you're limited to being a bright person in life.

lol @ you telling *****s "thanks" when they defend you. You got mad gased...first time everyone co-signed with your stupid ass...its not the brightest person either.

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yo metro, u gay??? u always got some "dick sucking", "dick riding", "dick in your mouth" reference, u talking about this is a grown man forum, dogs do u realize the things you write???what grown man curse in every other line,u curse more than a eminem verse, what grown man brings in another person mother's to a forum??? and im not saying u gotta respect other people's opinions, when did i ever say dat??all im saying is why somebody gotta be "____sexual" when they making a case...damn metro u lost in life
Stop crying.

You're an unemployed out of shape kid who worships bum ass rappers like Saigon and bum ass ballers like Crawford. You failed as a human being. Where the **** did your arguement go? Obviously it ain't coming back you got nothing to say except cry another paragraph. What you doing for Independence Day? Probably a fake Dominican too, like how you're a fake Knick fan.

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Thank you for proving my point. Also, this is not only about me. Don't you see what you are doing? You and a few other posters spam every thread with pointless statistics and insults. The problem (not so much mine because I actually have a live, which is the reason why I don't write 100 posts a day) but rather yours is that if you continue to insult people, they will just stop reading/writing around here. So you can argue with MSG, Pricey and possibly abcd. But that might not really be arguing since you guys hardly disagree on anything.

It is one thing to disagree on topics and another to insult people and to believe to know something like a universal truth.
How many times are you going to repeat yourself? Rightfully no one in this forum really reads what you say, don't take your frustration on me.

You spam every thread with stupidity and ignorance that aren't back up by any solid source of information. If you don't appreciate the information I and other quality posters bring here because you lack the ability to research and study the NBA then get the **** out. We don't really want to babysit your punk ass because you said something stupid or anyone else and we corrected you. Its time to be a MAN and stop crying over every little thing. It seems like a big deal to you that you have to constantly repeating the same message over and over, when really no one is going to remember what you wrote.

You actually have a live? Obviously you have too much free time to not be @ school or working, your vocabulary is elementary. Next time text a post with using your brain, not your ass.

This forum is growing each day; you're not really needed here so you could leave and it'll still grow without you. I actually don't really remember you posting here and you've been here longer than me, for 2 years. Even look how desperate you look for attention, you never engaged in any discussions you just come here to be dramatic, complain and bitch; bringing names like MSG and abcd intro the thread so they can bust on your ass for being an oversensitive dramatic bitch. Grow the hell up; comparing Crawford to Houston has been one of the worst things ever presented in this forum, and I'm a proud ass Knick fan proud of our history, you can't be a Knick fan when you talk down on Houston like that, at all.

BTW, Crawford still sucks and is one of the worst starting shooting guard's in Knicks history. His defense and decision making is the worst by far.