Hello fellow Knick fans! When I first got started here I contributed quite heavily.. as things picked up business wise here in the real world I kinda drifted off BUT now! since I only pop in to moderate, drop a few rumors and attempt to start bickering I am back to contribute a little more heading towards the February 21st deadline... hence the title of this thread. It's not as much as I used to do with articles, fantasy league, gamethreads (big props to MSGKnickz33 for that btw) but it's something so suck it haha.

So I'm going to give you every update for all teams as they come to me regarding trades, waivings, signings etc. HERE WE GO.

TOP 3 Predictions.

Jason Kidd:
Jason Kidd wants out of NJ. NJ wants something out of Jason Kidd, simple as that. A deal will be done before deadline so the Nets can head into the offseason with a clear mind on the draft and free agency. Jason's first pick as a destination is..

Dallas Mavericks:
A one on one trade would involve Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse (expiring), cash and maybe a draft pick. Brandon Bass could also be included. The only problem with this is the Nets dont get as much as they want. Hence a possible 3 way deal involving..

Portland Trailblazers: To me this makes no sense at all of why theyd want to mess up their chemistry BUT the deal would go as planned but have Harris/Bass go to the Blazers, Outlaw/Frye/Jack go to New Jersey alongside Jerry Stackhouse. I'm not in favor of the Blazers getting involved but I guess they figure with Oden being ready for next season these role players minutes will decrease regardless. On a side note Jarrett Jack has been shopped around for the past month or so on his own.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Kidd & LeBron are good friends thanks to team USA participation and look for both to keep each other in mind when talking to front office. The only problem with this is a third team would probably still be needed & the offer would center around Drew Gooden.. which I'm not too sure any package centered around Drew Gooden is something you trade an allstar for.

15's Destination Predictions: Dallas Mavericks

Damon Stoudamire: After having a mutual agreed buyout from the youth movement in Memphis Damon will clear waivers and become a free agent at the end of this week.

Boston Celtics: Despite making OBVIOUS sense to get a proven veteran point guard to mold Rondo and share minutes with the youngster Danny Ainge has decided NOT to look into signing Damon any time soon.

San Antonio Spurs: Who seem to be always looking to age are the frontrunners for his services. Needing a better option at backup PG after trading away Beno Udrih to the Kings this makes sense.. for the NOW. Not so much the future. Gives Damon a chance at a ring and gives someone minutes who is proven.

Toronto Raptors: His old.. young team could also have interest with TJ Fords status not too certain. But with Ford coming back to practice this week the Raptors will have more of a feel if his services are definitely needed.

15's Destination Prediction:
San Antonio Spurs

Ron Artest: Ron-Ron on the move again.. and this team not by his own demand or crazy antics. Ron has done everything to be a team player. Came back from injury early. Shut his mouth in the media. Not jumping into stands. you know not the typical ronnie stuff. BUT the Kings are looking to overhaul sooo...

Playoff contenders: Its basically do or die with Ron. He will opt out after this season so the risk of giving up something valuable for him is HIGH. So the only way it will happen is if a playoff team on the verge of making some noise but not making it all the way decides to use him for exactly that. Instant dose of D&O. But who will attemt that? I dont know exactly... Mavs are always in the mix, San Antonio? Houston? Not sure.

New York Knicks: Ron's first choice. Knicks first choice. A package deal could take place in a bibby/artest/marburyetcetc ordeal but the more likely is Isiah finally making a good move. He's been holding out from using Robinson or Lee and I think he still will be. So look for Jeffries&Chandler with a second round pick to go to the Kings in exchange for Artest. Possibly with another small contract player involved. With deadline making the Kings desperate to get something back and seeing that no one in their right mind will trade something overly valuable for someone who can opt out and sign with NY next year ANYWAY

15's Destination Prediction: New York Knicks

Top 5 Notable on the moves:
1: Stromile Swift: NJ Nets for Jamaal Magloire? Possible.
2: JJ Reddick: Exploring possible trades. Not likely.
3: Charlie Villenueva: Possible suitors? "New York, Houston"
4: Delonte West: Not permanent in Seattle.
5: Vince Carter: who would take him?

welllll this brings me to my help the knicks rant of the day. I know we all would like to get under the cap. But in the reality of things, with our owner.. with our staff.. with out players! its not possible. Sure Curry for Kwame would help and Craw to the Magic for expiring players etc COULD work but lets face it. it wont. In the reality of things no one wants Jeromes James contract.. Jamal Crawfords contract.. Q's contract.. Stephs or Maliks we have to face it. Randolph and Curry still have value and GMs will still take that risk on 13 & 10 million dollar big men that actually produce.. if the offense is ran through them. we are stuck with what we have. BUT if Vince Carter is offered to us for Jamal Crawford and Jerome James (Which he was) and we can somehow swing Balkman in there (who NJ likes a lot) for Sean Williams TAKE IT. his contract has an option for 10/11 a team option that is. I say pull the trigger. then pull the trigger on a Artest deal. before you know it we have a roster of (if done right)


hell id even try to trade Randolph&Curry for Camby & Kmarts bad contract. thats pushin it but atleast that gives us a chance this season and then we reevaluate in the offseason. Rose will have on year left. Well still have a first round pick. And we have bright youngs in Williams, Lee, Robinson and to the extent of Randolph/Curry I guess haha. Just some food for thought.. not sayin itll save us. but hell... we cant get any worse.