Do you know anything about basketball? or the inner circle of the nba? I'm not coming at you like you do me BUT I'm saying look into stuff, get sources, use your brain before coming at me. When you are in a situation where you will get nothing for letting a superstar walk.. youll take the something. Sacramento wont be under the cap and no star will want to go there regardless so you take a deal where you get a big defensive minded SF on a three year contract that doesnt go higher than 6.8 million (which you says suck cause he doesnt put up stats) and young SF who has the potential to turn into a pretty good player in his own right. Along with a 2nd round pick? and you tell me they wont desperately take that? And if you dont think Ron will stick to his word and opt out then you are nuts. Ron is nuts and Ron has heart. His heart is in NY. hes been making money for the past 8 years on 3 teams he could careless about. and by the time endorsements come his way (a Knick from NY adv $$$, look at Steph for example) hell make way more than the MLE on top of Jersey sales which will be HIGH. im not gonna say YOU should go back to business school... but perhaps you should just think before you come at someone... just a thought my friend.