Paris: First off, no worries Paris just dont like when people come at me ranting with no clear evidence to back them up. I see your point now but you also have to understand we are not dealing with the typical nba player. were dealing with Ron Artest. The same Ron Artest who obviously making nba money isnt his only want. Face it he is the Ricky Williams of the NBA. He cares about the money but to be in his hometown. in front of his family and friends. in a uniform hes dreamed about for YEARS. To be able to still pursue his other interests (rapping whatever) in a huge market like New York and make the amount he will in endorsements and jersey sales... i think hell strongly consider his options... you also have to understand EVERY GM knows his longing to play in NY. Furthermore his past history and what hell do to get his way. If you think some team with capspace that theyve been working at for years well send 10 million his way for him just to pull a Ron and complain to the media about how much he loves NY... then youre crazy. which brings me to..

We all have our points/opinions on certain subjects and you have a very valid one in the Artest situation... but dont you see it fishy that right before deadline.. when Sacramento has said they are open to trading him... and where Isiahs offer of Jeffries & Balkman arent working.. that Artest decides to "go nutty". isnt it weird that what hes saying to the paper after two years of being good is seemingly trying to show his love for NY.. and perhaps scare off any other GM's... i just find it funny and veryyyy coincidental.

MSGKnickz33: THANK YOU! for the compliment AND the fact that you make 100% sense on the Celtic ordeal. Heres how i look at it... they dont want to sign Damon BECAUSE he might mess with chemistry... but they are willing to ship a player or two away to get Sam Cassell?!? makes absolutely no sense. I hate the celtics with a passion. so ill end it with this.. as crazy as it may seem this makes all the sense in the world to trade for Cassell.. I mean he is Garnetts friend... and well you know how McHale and Ainge are buddy buddy and hand deliver budding and aging superstars to one another.. so it makes all the sense in the world for Ainge's dumbass to make atleast one more bad move before they consider him god in Boston. Here's to Danny Ainge the TRUE worst GM in nba history!

and in regards to the Cavs/Kidd possible deal. Not aslong as Kiki is working in NJ will the Nets accept a deal where Kidd basically goes for Drew Gooden. WONT HAPPEN. but in reference to your question.. YES. it would make the Cavs weak. very weak upfront. where Drew Gooden and Z are the only two "bruisers" if you want to call Z then down low. with Varajeao out they are thin as hell to begin with.. and to trade Gooden in a package for Kidd would make them even more so.. unless Sean Williams comes too.. but i remind you to look up KiKi Vandeweghe before we ever see that as a plausable option.

Ill keep you all updated. expect a full coverage report like the one above at least once a week and responses like these as much as i can do.

Jason Kidd: Potential deal laid out...
Dallas: Jason Kidd, Malik Allen, Darrell Armstrong & Sergio Rodriguez
New Jersey:
Jarrett Jack, Travis Outlaw, Channing Frye, Devean George, DeSagana Diop, Jerry Stackhouse & two first round picks
Devin Harris, Brandon Bass & Nick Fazekas

also NJ will get the money to buyout Jerry Stackhouse and cover George's trade kicker.


Earl Boykins
has finally landed back in the NBA. He has signed a deal with the Charlotte Bobcats. and on a side note NJ is the frontrunner to land Stromile Swift.. while Memphis will recieve Jason Collins.. umm alright then haha

get back with ya soon ~15