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thanx man but how can you think my opinions are insane? There all backed up by stats. If starbury arguements have lasted as long as they have their must be some validity to both perspectives. I dont have problems with people disagreein (im sure it doesnt seem this way) but I think people should at least see that my point of view is a reasonable way to think.

I would say team Starbury won the battle. We laid down more facts and it wasnt all stats, their was alot of detailed analysis mixed in. If you go through all the Marbury battle threads theres alot of knowledge dropped:

and others

I know alot of **** was repeated by all of us but I think team starbury dropped more stats and facts. Team-Starbury-haters had a couple of good points but the only one I really value is Marbury not being a vocal leader off the court in the locker room. I feel like hes a leader on the court. He didnt get alot of consecutive playin time this year because of circumstances mentioned over and over again but he had some good games, how about that Chicago game where he dished to Lee for the dunk and then hit a 3 to seal the deal? I shouldnt be startin up with this again, the Starbury battles are played out for now. If a Starbury battle comes dont expect to see me stay out of it but I would like to avoid one. Im not doin a good job.
Dont want to get into the whole thing but you guys leave out the most important stat, wins. For whatever reason, Marbury throughout his career, has not been a winning player.

It's always been amazing to me how many of Stephon's own teammates hate him. From KG to Shawn Marion to Kurt Thomas the list could go on and on. I can't think of another star player (maybe kobe a little) in any sport who has had as many teammates come out and say how they don't like the guy. I wonder what he does that pisses everybody off so much? He doesn't seem like a bad guy at all. Someday when his career is over we'll find out. I mean think about it Iverson is in many ways a better version of Marbury and his teammates in Philly loved A.I.