2010 2nd rounder


2008 1st
2010 1st
Marc Gasol
Aaron McKie

Grizzlies are also trading Swift for Collins I believe

PG - Conley/Lowry/Crittenton
SG - Miller/Navaro
SF - Gay/Cardinal
PF - Warrick/Collins
C - Milicic

Eh, don't really understand Memphis' direction here, Gasol is a top 10 big man in the NBA; they could of got more; why would they want Crittenton when they have Conley and Lowry? How many young PG's are they going to develop? Who's their primary big man now; Darko? LOL that sucks balls

PG - Fisher/Farmar
SG - Kobe/Vujanic
SF - Odom/Walton/Ariza
PF - Gasol/Turiaf
C - Bynum/Mihm

Haha, basically everyone on their starting five can score from posting up. Huge line up

Fisher - 6"2 all muscle
Kobe - 6"6 all muscle
SF - 6"10 flaco
PF - Gasol 7"1
C - Bynum 7"0 and still growing

Everyone on that line up can MOVE too and are very athletic and agile.

Gasol is basically Tim Duncan, without the defense and a better shooter. He led Memphis to the playoffs consistantly and knows how to take over a game. He's an elite passer at his position and has great awareness on offense.

I'm guessing the NBA wants to see a Celtics-Lakers finals for ratings; this trade is rigid.