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    Default Isiah the visionary....

    I know we have plenty of Isiah threads and I am sorry to add to them .

    Isiah exhibits some behaviors that is similar to someone I know personally from church. I "knick"named those kinds of people as visionaries.

    A visionary is somebody who has a lot of ideas but does not realisticly consider all angles or consequences and does a horrible job of implamenting them.

    Examples: Francis and Marbury backcourt. Zach and Curry frontcourt. Running the Offense through Eddy Curry.

    If some of those ideas would have worked people would think Isiah was a genius. The knicks would be winning and his other obvious character flaws would be overlooked by some.

    The problem is, such ideas do not usually work (unless you are playing nba live or 2k#) or they could work if the person was more patient in implamenting them. But Isiah lacks that patience or has the preassure on him to win quickly. So he comes up with more ideas that he can work with.

    Who could Isiah honestly trade Francis for? Some of us, including me, were surprised he even got Zach. So now Isiah has this plan of getting Zach and Curry to work together. It doesn't start out so smooth and he gives up on the idea. Maybe he sees that it was not a good one in the first place or he lacks the patience to make it work. He starts trying other things like benching Zach, pairing Zach with other players. Give up on Curry. Give up on Marbury. Throw Crawford out there with Zach.

    You can see this kind of pattern with many things that have happened to the knicks.

    So our solution I believe is to get rid of Isiah. I do not think there are any realistic trades or drafts that will save this team. We need a new leader because Isiah is not a good one.

    I will still cheer for this team but deep down inside I know we will not succeed with him at the helm.

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    More like Isiah the jackass

    You are right. I have never seen a man flip flop so much bull**** in my life before.

    First he beats into Marbury's head - first play when bringing the ball down the court - ALWAYS get the ball down low then play off that - yet since Jamal has been running the point - I have seen Jamal and Nate jack up more shots that anyone else on the team!! - why doesn't Isiah bench JC for not getting the ball inside to the bigs as he did to Marbury - that's a serious double standard.

    Second - Jamal missed his last 10 shots against Portland yet Isiah kept running the potential final game winning shots for him - is he that big of an ******* to see that JC was having an off night???

    Third - I was watching the Portland game on ESPN instead of MSG because I wanted to get an impartial feedback - both commentators were highly impressed with Lee and Balkman's energy and wanted to know why they don't get much burn and why wasn't Lee in the starting lineup.

    Fourth - The ESPN commentators were saying before that game that Isiah was preaching that the NBA has changed to small ball - yet he was building our franchise around 2 overweight fat big men?? He has to be really delusional because he was basically contradicting himself.
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