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    Default So What would be a good return for David Lee in a trade?

    Ok I was going to post this Thread tommorow, but one this game sucks (Sonics and Knicks) and tommorow I figure most of you will be in Super Bowl mode.

    David Lee is the most popular Knick amongst fans, and one of the only Knicks that there is demand for amongst GM's and coaches. Although we want him to be a Knick for life, what would be a trade you consider for him?

    I think he is a hard player to match because he is not just a good player, but he has a great work ethic and attitude.

    I would send David along with a really bad contract (Zach Randolph) to a team for expiring contracts. If we had an oppotunity to shave a major contract then I would part with Lee. Maybe along with Jerome James and Jared Jefferies? I just don't think that is a straight up deal for him, maybe Chris Kaman

    Anyways please let me know any trades (if any) that you would be open to for D Lee
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    If I was going to trade Lee away for an expiring contract I would at least want a high draft pick. I dont want to see Lee get traded but if he did we know hes got value. If the Kings were willing to take him for Artest that says sumthin. I would trade david Lee for Josh Smith.

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    i like threads that cause thought so A+ on that my friend haha. but ill start off by saying i want to build this team around ppl like david lee. not subtract him. BUT i see where you are going with this.

    so in the spirit of the thread i would trade Lee for Smith in a heart beat as well. That atleast gives us a solid SF i mean even tho i think we have ones in Balkman and Chandler.

    but yes id trade Lee for Smith, Horford, Okafor, Sean Williams even. need a shot blocker badly!
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    I think David Lee for Sean Williams is a good realistic trade. I would also consider someone like Andray Blatche. He is atheltic, he has hussle, he can handle the ball, he blocks shots, and he is young.

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