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man u argue just to argue man, u must be crazy to say stephon marbury is a better passer than scorer, even marbury says he's a better scorer than passer, it went something like, "i made the league cuz i could put the ball in the basketball not cuz im a passer", something like dat, and tony parker fits the spurs system, they need that scoring from the PG position, we dont need the scoring from the PG position, just need somebody who could bring the best out of players and marbury just doesnt do dat
I can see where you would get confused, it came across like I was sayin he is a better passer then scorer which is obviously not true. All im trying to say is that hes a better passer then people give him credit for. I never heard that quote but even Marbury underrates himself as a passer.

If anything I think this team needs a combo point guard like Marbury. Theres nothing this team doesnt need. We need passing, scoring, defense, leadership, everything. Marbury brings scoring and passing. What good would it do to have a point guard whos a great passer but has no one to pass to? Look at the shooting %'s of Crawford and Q-Rich. Z-Bo is inconsistent and I forgot that Eddy Curry was a Knick. I dont think point guards like Bibby, Williams, and Lidnour would make any difference. The only players who could come to NY and turn things around are Chris Paul, Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant.