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By Curry incident do you mean his weak stats or my pictures of his house and the robbers? or the pic of him as a dinosaur sittin on top of Msg? Im guessin your referrin to his stats but all 3 of them work. curry himself is an incident.

This game thread was not suppose to be funny but it might be impossible to avoid criticism at this point. I cant only bring up nate and Lee every game thread, their not even in the starting lineup. If they were it would help me out with my key matchups. After reaching a new low stating that Shaq>>>Curry a couple of weeks ago, it just got worse.

Jerome James>>>Curry (it gets no worse, or does it?).....to be continued.
The picture of the house and the robbers. lol And I argree. James is >>>>>>>Curry. At least James never gets any minutes, so he doesn't play as horrible as Curry. Plus he's a better defender.