The Indiana Pacers(19-29) vs The New York Knicks(14-34)
Wed. 2/6 at 7:30pm ET on MSG

Welcome to the MSGKnickz33 Pregame show, Im your host Jazzy Jeff and were here to take a look at Wednesday nights matchup. The Knicks have now lost 6 games in a row. They sufferred another dissapointing loss against the now 15-30 LA Clippers. Nate Robinson did not play. Maybe he could have made a difference but Crawfords poor shooting is what lost the game for the Knicks. There was too much 1 on 1 in the 2nd half and not enough ball movement.


The Indiana Pacers

pg-Jamaal Tinsley
sg-Kareem Rush
sf-Mike Dunleavy
pf-Danny Granger
C-Troy Murphy



*Quentin Richardson and Nate Robinson are listed as day to day
*Travis Deiner is listed as day to day
*Jermaine O'Neil - Knee (Out Indefinitely)

MSG33 PresEnTs the KeY MatChuP: Troy Murphy vs Eddy Curry

Curry hasnt been playing to well lately but I think hes due for a good game. Troy Murphy does not have the size to guard Curry, not that many players do, but hes also a below average defender. Eddy needs to come out aggresive. Indiana does not play any defense so he should be able to get 24 and 10 easily. Will we see these numbers? Probably not.

Eddy Curry Last 5 Games

*Stats not including 4 min. played vs Utah


The most suprising stat here is that Curry has only averaged 23.4 minutes per game over the last 5 games and thats excluding the game against the Utah Jazz where he only played 4 minutes. Currys lack of desire for rebounds is embarrassing. He has the build of a franchise player but the softness of a pillow. Playing against a soft team like the Pacers presents Curry with the oppertunity to show that he can occasionally score and rebound. Alot of people thought Curry played great last year. I thought he still played poor but this year has been a 2 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Troy Murphy Last 5 Games

41.7 3P%(1-12)

In 2.4 more minutes then Curry Murphy has managed to average 3.2 more rebounds.

Murphy-6'11" 245
Curry-6'11" 285

Theres more then one factor involved with Currys poor season. His conditioning is definitly part of it but even if he was in good shape he hasnt show much heart. Curry should be a couple of levels up from Troy Murphy but instead Murphy>>>Curry.

The Official MSG33 Pregame Strategy:
  • Look to play more of a team game for 4 quarters. Their called the New York Knicks, not the New York Crawfords
  • Defense!!!! Pacers=7th best offense(103.4ppg)
  • Offense!!!! Pacers=3rd worst defense(105.4oppg)
  • Dec.17, Knicks vs Pacers-Dunleavy scores career high 36pts.......dont ever let this happen again

Player Spotlight

Jamal Crawford has been struggling........again. At this point he has now earned the title of the most overrated Knick in franchise player. Theres people out there that actually think hes the best player on the team (This is not directed to anyone on here, just Knick fans I personally know).

Jamal Crawford signs an endorsement deal with the local circus.

Crawford has struggled with his shot. His father needs to cut back his minutes or tell him to pass more. Jamal went 7-21 Monday night against the Clippers.

Jamal Crawford Last 5 Games

  • 44.4mpg
  • 20.4ppg
  • 34.5fg%
  • 29.7%3P
  • 4.6apg
  • 0 defense
  • 7.6 shots made per game
  • 22 shots attempted per game

Ugly numbers from Crawford.

Crawfords season stats

  • 41.5mpg
  • 19.9ppg
  • 41.1fg%
  • 33.6%3P
  • 2.57topg
  • 7.04 shots made per game
  • 17.15 shots attempted per game
  • 3.8 free throws made per game
  • 4.4 free throws attempted per game
  • 2 3pt made per game
  • 6 3pt attempts per game

As we see hes scoring but its taking him over 17 shots to score 20 points and keep in mind that he gets almost 4 points a game from the line so with those 17 shots hes really only scoring 16 points.

Eastern Conference Standings

  1. Celtics(36-8)
  2. Pistons(34-13)-3.5GB
  3. Magic(31-19)-8GB
  4. Cavs(26-20)-11GB
  5. Raptors(26-21)11.5GB
  6. Wizards(24-22)13GB
  7. Hawks(20-24)16GB
  8. Nets(20-27)17.5GB
  9. Bulls(19-28)18.5GB
  10. Pacers(19-29)19GB
  11. 76ers(18-30)20GB
  12. Bucks(18-30)20GB
  13. Bobcats(18-31)20.5GB
  14. Knicks(14-34)24GB
  15. Heat(9-37)28GB

The Official Playoff Race: Knicks are 6.5 games out

*This stat will be here until the Knicks are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs

Lets compare numbers from the first 4 months of the NBA season.

November(5-11):Opponents Points per game=101.5
93.1ppg,43.4rpg,17apg,42.9fg%,32.2%3P,70.2FT%,6.9s pg,3.2bpg

December(3-11):Opponents Points per game=102.6
94.6ppg,41.3rpg,16.4apg,42.6fg%,33.1%3P,70.7FT%,6. 7spg,1.5bpg

January(6-10):Opponents Points per game=98.8
96.4ppg,40.4rpg,21.3apg,46.1fg%,35.2%3P,74.4FT%,5. 8spg,2.2bpg

February(0-3):Opponents Points per game=94.3
89ppg,41.3rpg,16apg,44.3fg%,26.4%3P,69.2FT%,5.3spg ,2.7bpg

The Ball movement has slowed down and the Knicks are struggling to make 3 pointers.

SuperSonics Top 3 Point shooters
  1. Andre Owens-48.6%
  2. Kareem Rush-40.8%
  3. Mike Dunleavy-40.3%
  4. Danny Granger-38.7%
  5. Troy Murphy-37.8%
  6. Shawne Williams-36.6%

The Pacers have some players who can hit some 3's. The Knicks better be ready to play some perimeter defense if they want any chance of winning this game.

With Jermaine O'neil injured, the Knicks primary concerns are Danny Granger and Mike Dunleavy who are both averaging 17.8 points per game. Jamal Tinsley is averaging 8.5 assists per game which is because of the good shooters surrounding him. If he was on the Knicks his assists would be cut back to between 5 and 6 per game. Look for the Pacers to bring Ike Diogu off the bench to guard Curry and Randolph. At 6'8" he might not have the height but he weighs 255 pounds so he might be able to slow them down.

Look for Jeff Foster to come off the bench and control the boards. Hes one of the best rebounders in the NBA. Marquis Daniels is capable of coming off the bench and making an impact. David Harrison is the 3rd backup center for the Pacers. He averages 1 block in only 12.5 minutes per game. Players like Travis Deiner usually get career highs against the Knicks.

Throwback HipHop Video of the Day:

Artist:Marley Marl ft. Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane
Title:The Symphony
Album:In Control Volume 1

*Who had the best verse in this historical classic? Im goin with Kool G Rap

That does it for my pregame show. I thank everyone for joining me and remember to tune in Wednesday night to catch the Knicks and the Pacers.