Seems like the Knicks rotation is pretty set. But due to Marbury's high amount of minutes per game there is only room for one backup PG. Which means one of the biggest dilemma's Lenny is facing in his rotation is whether Moochie Norris or Frank Williams will backup Marbury for the 5-10 minutes he gets to rest during a game. Lenny seems to be flip flopping between the two, but seems to have mostly gone with Moochie. From what youv seen of their play, who do you think should be the backup pointguard, and who should be the insurance PG who waits in the wings in case of injury or foul trouble?
Personally I think Frank Williams can get to the whole better, has a better handle, makes better passes, and sets up his team mates better. Moochie seems to be a better shooter. and is a bit smarter about the way he plays, such as avoiding risky dribbles into traffic. I can't tell which one plays better defense, but Frank is slightly bigger so that might help him cover larger PG's. Also, Moochie Norris is about as good as hes ever going to get, whereas Frank Williams is only in his second year and still might improve with increased play. Although Marbury might obviously be our starting PG for many years to come, grooming Frank as a quality backup could sure help any prospects the Knicks have for someday being a title contender since you need to have a good team on the floor at all times during a hard fought playoff series. I wish I could interview Lenny and ask him why he is so reluctant to go wih Frank over Moochie. Maybe this poll might tell me whether I'm the only one who thinks this is strange?