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Not that it has any effect on us, and it's probably not going to happen.....but it appears that the Suns and the Heat are discussion a deal in which Shaq and Shawn Marion will be swapped. Lets say this deal does happen, which team does the deal help?

Well the Heat's season is done! But D Wade and Marion does provide hope for the future. Now all they need is a Center, maybe they will be looking for a non rebounding, non shot blocking, scoring Center....does anyone know one that fits the mold? Just playin.....kinda

Shaq to the Suns, gives the Suns a shot at the title, but puts a two year window on their run. But Amare and Shaq are a formidable (you hear that Boston!) frontline. Mike D and Nash can make it work.Grant Hill now becomes the starting SF, but again there is a short time table to make it work.