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    Default San Antonio Spurs vs New York Knicks Game Thread 2/8

    The San Antonio Spurs(31-16) vs The New York Knicks(14-35)
    Fri. 2/8 at 7:30pm ET on MSG

    Welcome to the MSGKnickz33 Pregame show, Im your host Jazzy Jeff and were here to take a look at Wednesday nights matchup. The Knicks have now lost 7 games in a row. They sufferred another dissapointing loss against the Pacers who ended their 7 game losing streak. The Knicks went cold in the 4th quarter and lost by 3. They had a 5 point lead with just over 5 minutes left but from there went on to be outscored 16 to 8.

    The Spurs have won 3 straight games over the Suns, Pacers, and Wizards after somehow losing to Seattle. They recently signed point guard Damon Stoudamire who got the start Wednesday night. Tony Parker is expected to miss another 2 weeks because of a heel injured he suffered on February 1st. The Spurs are only ranked 4th in the Western Conference but theres only a 2 game gap from 1st to 4th. The Phoenix Suns are holding on to 1st place by a half game.


    The San Antonio Spurs

    pg-Damon Stoudamire
    sg-Michael Finley
    sf-Bruce Bowen
    pf-Tim Duncan
    C-Fabricio Oberto



    *Quentin Richardson is listed as day to day
    *Tony Parker is out for 2 more weeks

    MSG33 PresEnTs the KeY MatChuP: Fabricio Oberto vs Eddy Curry

    I apologize to anyone whos upset about Curry being part of the key matchup for the 2nd straight game. Statistically Eddy Curry had his best game in a long time scoring 20 points and snatching 8 rebounds in 32 minutes. He was all offense in the 1st half while in the 2nd half he looked to rebound more even though he "gave" a rebound away to Troy Murphy. The reason why I chose Curry as the key matchup is because his best game was against the Spurs about a month ago. Lets look at his stats from that game.


    Besides the turnovers good stats for Eddy. Tim Duncan and Curry guarded each other for most of the game. Zach Randolph was suspended for this game so some would draw the conclusion that Eddy was motivated to perform well to prove that he can be productive with Z-Bo out of the lineup. Randolph said in an interview that Curry needs to play strong (like he did against Duncan) no matter whos on the court.

    Eddy Curry Last 5 Games

    *Stats not including 4 min. played vs Utah


    I called it last time in my key matchup when I said that Curry would finally gave a good game. I did not mention this but I should have also written statistically just so no one gets it twisted. I think its less likely that he'll have a good game against the Spurs, Im only going off of what he did a month ago. At the same time his way of scoring is something that no team can stop when he gets good position down low. He is too strong for Oberto and Duncan. I would still only predict 12pts and 4rbs because of his softness.

    Fabricio Oberto Last 5 Games


    In .4 less minutes Oberto has averaged 2.8 more rebounds then Curry. Something is wrong here:

    Oberto-6'10" 245
    Curry-6'11" 285


    The Official MSG33 Pregame Strategy:
    • Ball Movement!!!! Spurs-91.1pts allowed per game (6th)
    • Perimeter Defense!!! Spurs-37% (Tied-6th)
    • Give Balkman, Nate, and Lee big minutes
    • Hope for good luck

    Player Spotlight

    Renaldo Balkman doesnt put up the best stats but hes always out working hard from the moment he enters the game. His defense and hustle are a necessity to this team. If were gonna lose, lets at least play some of the more entertaining players instead of boring bums like Crawford, Z-Bo, and Curry.

    Balkman tells Rondo to get that Sh!t outta here!!!!!

    Renaldo Balkman-First 4 games of February

    • 25.8mpg
    • 7.5ppg
    • 51.8fg%
    • 5.8rpg
    • 1.3bpg
    • 1spg

    The 1.3 blocks per game and 25.8 minutes per game standout. Its great to see Balkman finally getting more minutes. When it comes to blocking shots, the Knicks are an outlier.

    26) Hornets-4bpg
    27) Raptors-4bpg
    28) Spurs-3.9bpg
    29) TWolves-3.9bpg
    30) Knicks-2.3bpg

    Heres a list of the 5 teams at the bottom of the stats in terms of blocking shots. The Knicks average 1.6 less blocks then the 2nd worst shot blocking team. If thats not a good reason to play Balkman 30-35 minutes per game, then I dont know what is. Hes also shown some crafty offensive moves lately. Hes looking to become more versatile as a player. More minutes would help his development.

    Eastern Conference Standings

    1. Celtics(37-9)
    2. Pistons(35-13)-3GB
    3. Magic(32-19)-7.5GB
    4. Cavs(27-20)-10.5GB
    5. Raptors(26-21)11.5GB
    6. Wizards(24-24)14GB
    7. Hawks(21-24)15.5GB
    8. Nets(20-29)18.5GB
    9. Pacers(20-30)19GB
    10. Bulls(19-29)19GB
    11. 76ers(19-30)19.5GB
    12. Bucks(19-31)20GB
    13. Bobcats(18-31)20.5GB
    14. Knicks(14-35)24.5GB
    15. Heat(9-38)28.5GB

    The Official Playoff Race: Knicks are 6 games out

    *This stat will be here until the Knicks are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, I apologize

    Lets compare numbers from the first 4 months of the NBA season.

    November(5-11):Opponents Points per game=101.5
    93.1ppg,43.4rpg,17apg,42.9fg%,32.2%3P,70.2FT%,6.9s pg,3.2bpg

    December(3-11):Opponents Points per game=102.6
    94.6ppg,41.3rpg,16.4apg,42.6fg%,33.1%3P,70.7FT%,6. 7spg,1.5bpg

    January(6-10):Opponents Points per game=98.8
    96.4ppg,40.4rpg,21.3apg,46.1fg%,35.2%3P,74.4FT%,5. 8spg,2.2bpg

    February(0-4):Opponents Points per game=96.5
    91.8ppg,43.3rpg,17.5apg,44.5fg%,30.6%3P,72.6FT%,4. 2spg,3bpg

    Knicks-0 and 4 in February
    Knicks-91.8ppg; opponents-96.5ppg

    Spurs Top 3 Point shooters
    1. Damon Stoudamire-62.5%
    2. Brent Barry-43%
    3. Bruce Bowen-40.9%
    4. Manu Ginobili-39.5%
    5. Matt Bonner-37.5%
    6. Michael Finley-37.4%
    7. Jacque Vaughn-33%

    Damon Stoudamires percentage is high because he because he has only played 2 games as a Spur. Im worried about every player on this list destroying the Knicks from the perimeter, especially Matt Bonner. Last time against the Knicks Bonner scored 14pts shooting 3-5 from 3pt range. He also somehow came away with 4 steals and blocked 2 shots.

    With Tony Parker being injured the Knicks dont have to worry about constantly being embarrassed by him getting into the paint and scoring off of layups while Curry and Zach Randolph watch.

    I should not talk about any one player on the Spurs. Tim Duncan might be the best player but the Spurs beat you as a team. If you looked up "team" in the dictionary a picture of the Spurs might come up. I dont look at Fridays game as 2 teams playing each other, its a team vs a group of players. The Knicks will have to find a way to play as a team if they want to make this game interesting.

    Throwback HipHop Video of the Day:

    Title:Beautiful Mind
    Album:Legal Hustle

    Knicks upcoming Schedule:

    • Fri, Feb 8 San Antonio 7:30 PM
    • Sat, Feb 9 @ Milwaukee 8:30 PM
    • Wed, Feb 13 @ Boston 7:30 PM
    • Tue, Feb 19 @ Washington 7:00 PM
    • Wed, Feb 20 @ Philadelphia 7:00 PM

    That does it for my pregame show. I thank everyone for joining me and remember to tune in Wednesday night to catch the Knicks and the Pacers.
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