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    Default NEW YORK KNICKS @ Milwaukee Bucks Game Thread 2/9/08

    The Milwaukee Bucks (19-31) vs The New York Knicks(14-36)
    Fri. 2/9 at 8:30pm ET on MSG

    The Home Record for the Bucks is 13-8
    The Away Record for the Knicks is 4-19
    The Bucks in there last 10 games are 3-7, and they are on a 1 game loosing streak
    The Knicks in there last 10 games are 1-9, and they are on a 8 GAME LOOSING STREAK

    Hello, guys this is nyKnicks126, Maciej! Replacing the regular host Crazy Jazzy Jeff (MSG33). In my opinion both of these teams are evenly matched, Knicks do get the W's when playing against this team. a RECAP FROM the last game they played against each other was on November 30th 2007. The Knicks outscored the Bucks 26 to 11 in the fourth quarter. The last game the Knicks played at the Bucks was on April 7th 2007. The game was taken into OT by the shot from three in the last seconds by Eddy Curry. Knicks won that game 118-113 in OT.


    Milwaukee's Fave Five Lineups

    C.Andrew Bogut
    PF.Charlie Villanueva
    SF.Charlie Bell
    SG/PG.Royal Ivey
    PG/SG.Mo Williams

    Now For your New York Knicks Starting Lineups

    C. Eddy Curry
    PF.Zach Randolph
    SF.Jared Jeffries
    SG.Fred Jones
    PG. Jamal Crawford

    Last Game

    Last Games for both teams, Knicks last game as all of you well know the Knicks lost to the San Antonio Spurs 99-93 in OT. Michael Finley scored a three to but them into overtime, and they went on a 7-0 run to beat the Knicks.
    As for The Bucks they faced Dallas 3 days ago and lost 107-96. There key players were Andrew Bogut with 24 pts and 14 Rebounds, and Mo Williams 36 points, 5 REBounds, and 5 assists.

    KEY matchup for the game
    Jamal Crawford VS. MO Williams

    Two player that just chuck that basketball away, both with simular game plays and tactics.

    Mo Williams 319-677 FG % THIS season. Which is at 47% not bad

    39% from THREE POINT 65-164 From the Deep zone.

    Jamal Crawford 344-845 FG % the Season. 41%...

    Chucks up 100-295 Threes, 34%.
    Jamal CRAWFORD AVERAGE ALMOST 6! threes per GAME....

    Maciej's unforgetable moments, presented by nyKnicks126 productions.
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    nyKnicks Predictions
    Knicks 87- Bucks 95
    Sorry that my game threads are not as detailed, I got some things to do. Thanks for tunin in to our show.
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