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You said soley. Why are you trying so hard to misspell everything? You don't look cool. Me and MSG and many others here smoke mad bud and hit mad skins, but still are able to present a decent vocabulary. Have some self esteem; don't be so low on yourself.

yall *****s dont kno a **** about weed, lol....u dont kno where im from....we grow weed n smoke weed here all day....hop on a jet ski to another island n smoke n **** bitches....sorry ass concrete jungle ass *****s......i chose not to use the spell check bcuz i dont care enough, bcuz i figured u were smart enough tto get a point.....

This is fan site, not a site for profoundly retarded ignorant fat people.
so y are u on it???

You're not worthy to accept a pile of **** from MSG, stop begging.

he offered the award, i accepted, jerkoff!

"I love this man"
only cud be u to turn sumthin into a queer comment.....i love the arguement u jackass...i love the attention u keep giving me, its overwhelming guy....hahaha....come out of msg's ass tho....i dont deserve nutin from him....he is god to u ay?? hahaha.....

You came out the closet to quick.
so the both of u go and **** urselves.....or do sumthin constructive with ur time....like a new thread dedicated to me plz make my day!