This is the 5 worst Knicks of alltime based on skill level. Meaning I know some people do not like Marbury's personality, but he doesnt make this list! This is for bad basketball players only

5:Chris Dudley-this is was really hard for me because he was our starting Center in the NBA Finals when Pat went down. He rebounded, and was a decent defender.....but his offensive game makes Ben Wallace look like Amare Stoudimire. His Free throw shooting made Shaq look like Mark Price, and his athleticism made......ok you get the point!

4: Luc Longley- I actually was at his first game as a Knick (home game against Miami), I saw him miss his first two shots, and then he was yanked for the rest of the game. He makes this list mostly because he was the next Center after Pat was traded, and I hate his game for that alone

3: Moochie Norris- his game was just flat out ugly, even when he hit shots it looked horrible. side note: this was Isiah first move as GM

2: Eric Anderson- don't know who he is, shame on you! The lone white guy on the Team during the glory days of the 1990's. Eric couldnt defend, rebound, or shoot, but he did dunk on William Gates in the movie Hoop Dreams! Another product of the West Side of Chicago!

1: Jerome James- Ok allow me to admit that I created this Thread just to make the point that Jerome is the worst player to ever play for the Knicks. I'm certain that some of you will disagree with 5 to 2, but please someone tell me a worst Knick than Jerome James. I dare you