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    Default rasheed comming in the summer

    THOUGH nothing is tattooed on Paul Allen's latest version of Windows, the Blazers, I'm updated, are now leaning toward retaining Rashweed Wallace's services for the remainder of the season and appear comfortable allowing the rising free agent to flee this summer without compensation.
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    I think if Rasheed has expressed an interest in signing with the knicks this summer, then they should not even try to trade for him, even if they could work it out somehow. If you notice, most of the teams which rise to the top do so through free agency and the draft, not trades. Trades seem more of a quick fix or a way to get rid of unhappy players. Only once in awhile do you get lopsided trades where one team is just trying to unload, as was the case with Marbury. But more often then not when you make a trade your pretty much giving as much as you get. You could even make that argument for the Marbury trade considering the prospects and cap room they had to give up to get him and Hardaway. If you look at all the top players in the league, almost none of them got to their teams through trade.
    1) SHaq - Free Agency
    2) Kobe - Draft
    3) Iverson - Draft
    4) Garnett - Draft
    5) McGrady - Free Agency
    6) Garnett - Draft
    7) Carter - Draft
    8) Nowitski - Draft
    9) Francis - Draft
    10) Houston - Free Agency

    When you add through free agency and the draft you are essentially getting talent withoout giving up any (not including the talent you had to cut to make cap space)
    The biggest exception to me seems to be Jason Kidd, but even in that trade the Nets had to give up Marbury, who is arguably just as good as Jason Kidd. Another notable exception can also occur when the player is traded and then blossoms out of nowhere, like Ben Wallace when he was traded from the Magic.
    But if the knicks were to trade for Wallace now they would probabaly have to give up considerable talent, such as Van Horn, Williams, Doleac, or Thomas, which means they would only have the talent level rise marginally. By instead signing him as a free agent in the summer they will get all the benefits of gaining him without the detriment of losing one of their top players.

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