Watching the Giants win in the playoffs and superbowl, and the ensuing parade, was one of the most amazing weeks of my life. Hearing owners Mara and Tisch speak after the wins, and at City Hall after the parade, made me proud and honored to have such knowledgeable, heartfelt, team-loving people guiding my favorite football team. Most importantly, they thanked the fans.

It made me equally as mad to think about the Dolan's, and how papa Chuck gave the Knicks to his loser son Jimmy, who has taken apart a team that went to the NBA Finals bit by bit, piece by piece: the loss of Latrell Sprewell and Marv Albert, to start. The heart and the voice of the Knicks, tossed about because Dolan didn't appreciate their comments or politics. Firing Lenny Wilkins and Larry Brown, before they had ample time to shine the turd that Isiah wrought. $11.6 million s*xual harrassment case. MAKING the team president COACH the team! How can the president coach? How can the coach be president? The Knicks are a sh*tty team in indefinite transition, and it all stems from the top.

The Dolans don't give a sh*t about the fans, they only care about the bottom line, making money. Not only that, they supress freedom of speech in and around the Garden, the world's most famous arena, the mecca of basketball, is subject to censorship, ignorance, and stupidity.

I'm surprised no one has offered to buy the Knicks. Where's Spike Lee when you need him?