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    While Isiah Thomas continues to pursue Rasheed Wallace, the Knicks' president also may have his eyes on an even greater reclamation project, Vin Baker. The Celtics' troubled forward has, according to sources, told two NBA players that if he is released by Boston he would want to sign with the Knicks. Thomas does have interest in adding a low-post scorer, but Baker's history of alcohol abuse and emotional problems makes him a high-risk acquisition.

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    another trouble player???

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    Well, obviously Baker has his problems, and not even such a great game to mitigate them. But I would still sign him, but only under certain conditions

    1) He would have to take a very minimal amount of money because obviously he isnt worth as much as he used to be considering his risks
    2) Only a 1 year deal, so that if he does go into drunken binge then the knicks will only have to pay him till the end of the year. But this isnt so bad for him because hes been given enough chances that right now he should be limited to one half a season to prove himself to the Knicks and the league.
    3) At this point I would still rather have Thomas and Mutumbo in te starting lineup then Vin Baker, which means he would have to be a bench player, so I would only sign him if he knew coming in that he would be a bench player and it would be up to him with his play to make the argument for getting minutes over guys like Doleac and Harrington, and even for starting.

    Obviously Baker might think hes a player of a certain caliber and that these conditions are insulting, but I think he is too much of a risk but that these conditions would absolve that risk while giving Baker his shot to prove he can not only stay sober, but also play well, and win. Im sure he would get a huge contract next year if he played well and contributed to the knicks getting to the Eastern Conference finals or beyond.

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    Hell let's get Sean Kemp too, just don't let him play until he gets back into the shape he was in my avatar

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