My parent's surprised me this morning by dumping a bunch of crap in my apartment that they have been holding in storage for years.

I found lots of retro ****, but the most interesting is an old Basketball card binder. I used to be into basketball cards like crack.

Not sure if any of you are into sports memorabilia or anything but I have some old cards that might be interesting. I want to get rid of these because I don't see myself wanting to have kids.

email ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) me or pm me if you are looking for certain cards, i may have it.

Jordan baseball card
Starks rookie autograph
Kobe rookie
Antoine Walker rookie
Michael Finley rookie
Shaq rookie
Ray Allen rookie
Stephon Marbury rookie
Latrell Spreewell college card (Alabama)
Grant Hill rookie
Jason Kidd rooke
Alonzo Mourning rookie
Tim Hardaway rookie
Anthony Mason autograph
Penny Hardaway rookie
Chris Webber rookie
Rasheed Wallace rookie

tons of others