Basketball and Hip Hop go hand to hand to me. I love them both equally. So in honor of my version of the sites All Star Weekend I've created threads ranking some of the Knicks worst players, and overratted players. But lets get positive for a second as well as incorporate some Hip Hop into things.

So with out further a do I present you my 5 Greatest Emcees of All Time Thread. This will based off a number of factors 1st and most important, Lyrics, 2nd Longevity, 3rd Sucess (album sales, awards etc.)

10. Ice Cube: "The N you love to hate". Classic Albums like Amerikkka's Most Wanted, Death Certificate, The Predator, not to mention his contribution to NWA. He would later take on his whole former crew Dolo on No Vaseline. Jackin for beats is still biten 16 years later. Cube is an icon who can't be slept on

9. Common: Dude who handed Cube his ass on B#$ch In You, my favorite battle rap. But that alone does not put him past Cube ofcourse. Can I Borrow A Dollar, to Resurection, to his work now, dude hasn't switched his style up one bit. Lyrically he has gotten illa everytime out. Peep the Beatnuts Musical Massacare album for one of my favorite All Time verses that he delivered.

8. Kool G Rap: G Rap is one of the only old school emcees who get new school respect. Jay even compared himself to G Rap in his Prime, but G Rap can still rip at forty five. Ill Street Blues is still the most vivid rhymes I've heard

7.Redman: Yup Funk Dr. makes the list. Lyrically he can ride with anyone (peep the Blackout Album for further indications), Longeveity: he just released the Sleeper Album of The Year last year, and his success can't be questioned. Muddy Waters, What The Album, and Malpractice serve as his classics

6.Nas: Nas is to Hip Hop what the Knicks are to me in basketball! Illmatic was the first tape I ever bought myself. Nasir Jones has standed the test of time, and has another Album dropping soon! Respected by main stream heads to backpackers! Either was the Bomb that lossened Jay's grip on the game, and the Album Stillmatic was equally powerfull.

5. KRS ONE: Knowledge Reins Supreme Over Nearly Everybody! And this is so true. The Emcee that bought deep thought into hip hop. Went before The UN in order to have them embrace Hip Hop as a real culture. Teaches courses at Yale, Harvard, Berkley, etc. Self Destruction, Sound of The Police, Loves Gonna Git YA to name the tracks. Criminal Minded, Return of The Boom Bap, and By Any Means Necc. to name the albums, Kris is a true living legend

4. Big Pun: Pun is the first Latin Rapper to baffle my skull, I swore he was blacker than Cole, Like Nat King....I can remember having to pull my car over because of lines he spat. Capital Punishment was in my opinion a perfect Album. He was on the verge to be the Greatest had it not been for his ill timed death, but there will never be another Pun!

3. Pac/B.I.G: Call it a cop out, but I could never put one above the other. Their real life beef, and their deaths will forever keep them linked. I could list songs and verses all day from them that are Classic. Ready to Die and Life After Death serve as Big's Classic Albums, and 2Pacalyps, Strictly for My *****z, All eyes on me (just to name a few) are some of Pac's many classics.

2. Rakim: " Sip the Juice I got enough to go around" the illest intro to a song ever! Microphone Feind is the illest song ever! Mind Blowing Rymes, Style, Street Cred off the Charts! Classic albums are Paid In Full, Follow The Leader, Don't Sweat the Technique. Rakim is the master

1. Jay Z: Jay Z has ran hip hop since 1999, and has done it with an Iron Fist. Noone can match his success and his lyricism. He has been the standard for emcees since his breakout album In my Lifetime Volume 2. Although he gained attention in 99, it was his legendary album Reasonable Doubt that ranks as one of the Greatest All time Albums. Dynasty Album was the first Album when Jay took us deeper into his mind, with tales of missing father, and a miscarried child. He would eat up my favorite rapper and one of my favorite crews on "The Take Over" on another one of his classic albums "The Blue Print". He gave us Club Hits ( pick one) Lyrical tracks ( 22' two's, Lyrical Excercise, and Squeez First). Jay is not the Lyricist of Pun and Rakim, but his overall success is what makes him # 1